Re: Coupler Mounting Screws

Schuyler Larrabee

I’ve not bought new Kadees in some time, but quite a while ago, I bought some brass 2-56 screws from McMaster-Carr that have a very flat head, < 1/16” thick.  They are slotted head, unfortunately, but I don’t think this thin a head COULD be done in a cross-point version.


They were not expensive at all, and M-C service meant that I had them in my hand second day later.




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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Coupler Mounting Screws


In the distant past, I tried Kadee’s 2-56 Delrin screws to mount couplers.  Many of the heads snapped at off in normal use and I quit using them. Slot or Phillips head - same results

The 2-56 screws Kadee is now supplying with #178 (and other?) couplers have a slightly wider and flatter appearing head.  Have any of you tried them?  If so, how have they worked out?


Wayne Cohen

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