Re: Pullman Standard cushioned underframe question for PS-1 cars

George Eichelberger

Thanks for getting the SRHA/Southern 50’ box car book! There are less than a dozen left out of 250 or so that were printed for us by the Norfolk Southern print shop at cost. They are available in the SRHA “The Grab” Company Store @

I’ll finish the second 50’ box car book (1962-82) after I can get the completely redone 40’ box car book done and published. Aside from a lot of new data and photos, all the various Southern 40’ box car rebuilds will be included.

Here, from the Southern Railway Historical Assoc. archives is the CUF underframe drawing…the tiff file is 8.6MB vs the jpeg @ 2.2MB, I trust you can see and read all of the dimensional data. The correspondence between P-S and the Southern is worth posting when I locate it. One of the two WP cars was “bashed” by a hopper car loaded with sand multiple times to test the cushion hardware. There was some damage done but I believe the test car was repaired and then sold to WP.

The link to Google Drive is:

Don’t rely on the Google Drive viewer, download the file and look at it on your PC.


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