Re: Apparently, Boston & Maine boxcars made it to Florida

Tim O'Connor

Lobsters and other fish went in EXPRESS REEFERS. And when lobsters were shipped ALIVE
they could indeed be sent all the way from Maine to California, even in steam days.

On 7/8/2020 9:28 PM, Todd Sullivan via wrote:

I rather doubt that fresh lobsters would make it live to the West Coast by rail, based on years of eating them on Cape Ann north of Boston where my grandparents had a summer house, and on average transit times for freight coast to coast.  Specialty paper is more likely.  Champion Paper Mills in Lowell or Lawrence (I forget which) made high grade coated paper for the National Geographic magazine in the 1950s (I toured their mill as a high schooler), so I could conceive of such a load being shipped from MA to the PacNW to a specialty printer.  I'm sure Seattle or Portland had at least one of those. 

I'll try to think of other commodities that might work.  There had to be specialty manufactured items made in cities around Boston, including Lawrence, Lowell,  Worcester, Framingham, Fitchburg and the like that had national distribution.

Todd Sullivan

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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