Re: [Non-DoD Source] [RealSTMFC] Rails and Hoists for Spools of Rayon


Kenneth Montero wrote
Jul 8  

"There was a large rayon factory (American Viscose Corp.) in Front Royal, Virginia, served by the Norfolk & Western Railway - which was controlled by the Pennsylvania Railroad during our time period."

The January ORER also has 34 N&W boxcars (50500-51999 series) equipped with "Rayon Yarn Beams".

I also found 10 B&O cars (467000-46799 series) equipped "for handling tire cord yarn".

This would echo Bruce's understanding of rayon use in our era.

Still looking for more references in the ORER!

Tom Kane
Modelling the PRR in 1954 (ish)
PRRT&HS 8188
Purcellville, VA

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