Re: Apparently, Boston & Maine boxcars made it to Florida

Tim O'Connor

Another product : wooden kitchen matches. EVERYONE needed them. One of the match makers had
an enormous factory near Duluth-Superior but there must have been others.

There's a lot of pine in New England too - but the really good stuff was removed in colonial days - for ship masts!
The second and third growth forests are mostly for paper and pulp.

Oh, another New England forest product to this day - hardwood FLOORING lumber. Lots of it. Oak. Maple.

And of course - wood furniture.

On 7/8/2020 11:13 PM, Doug Paasch wrote:

Good thought on the lumber.  The PNW is almost all softwood.  Hardwoods would need to come from the east, like maple (duh!), red & white oak, black walnut, etc.  Toothpicks, clothes pins, and textiles (especially woolens) are possibilities.  And manufactured goods, too.


Thanks for more ideas.  This is great!


  Doug Paasch

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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