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Steve and Barb Hile

Ed Hawkins if much more qualified than I to answer this question in detail.  Both the UTLX X-5 design and the ACF 105-A designs evolved.  The X-5 used the same underframe features (sills, tank saddles, etc.) as the X-3 design.  A key spotting feature is two columns of 3 rivets where the side sill meet the bolster.  In the years following WWII they expanded the use of welding to the underframe components.  The side and end sills blend in a rounded corner and there are now only 2 columns of two rivet each at the side sill bolster junction.  The metal running board almost looks like it is floating over the underframe.  This is what we see in UTLX 96720.


ACF high pressure cars were, likewise, initially mounted on a version of their Type 27 underframe.  Ed Hawkins’ extensive presentation on these cars, leading up to and including what became the Kadee model has been available from the Kadee web site.  When ACF moved to a welded underframe design circa 1950, it tended to resemble the UTLX welded design, with the exception that there are no rivets at the bolster to side sill junction.  These are also shown in Ed’s presentation.  There are probably other differences, including the tank saddles and, perhaps, location of the brake components.


So, the Kadee model represents the riveted Type 27 style underframe.  There are some things that you can do with the Atlas 11,000 gallon model underframe to more closely simulate the welded versions.  I did on in my Warren project a few years ago.


Hope this helps.


Steve Hile


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So, with that correction made (thanks), how close are the UTLX cars to the ACF design(s) in appearance?

Todd Sullivan

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