Globe was Train-Master vs. Train-Miniature

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I was not  very clear in my comments about Globe. As Tony has noted, Model Railroader magazine was correct about Frank Taylor being the founder of Globe.

It is my understanding that the remnants of Globe were liquidated in bankruptcy. Prendergast may have been a facilitator of the court or perhaps he purchased the whole shebang (fixtures, machinery, office equipment) and resold it piecemeal with the product tooling going to Irv Athearn. 
Richard Bale 

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Richard Bale wrote:

Globe was originated by Hal Prendergast and purchased by Athearn

       This conflicts with what was in Model Railroader in the late 1940s. It stated that Globe was founded in 1942 by Frank Taylor, who had been editor of MR, joined by well-known O scale modeler and scratch builder Carl Traub. The company began in Milwaukee, located at 4224 Lincoln, before moving to Chicago about 1950. Athearn bought them in July 1951.
        I know of no connection with Hal Prendergast, unless he facilitated the Athearn purchase.

Tony Thompson

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