Re: Photo: Flood Damaged PFE Reefers

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

Hi Bob,

     It is not the fact that some of the siding has come ff of these PFE reefers that I notice so much as

the way it has come off. If you look at both photos the cars all show a 4 and 4 panel pattern on either

side of the doors in the same places n the car sides even if the number of individual boards lost varies.

This leads me to wonder just how these cars were originally constructed or “assembled”. Could it be

that panels of siding were assembled as units before actually being applied to the sides of the cars?

In the interest of saving time during construction this would make some sense as the method is often

found in home construction today wherein a house is constructed of prebuilt panels that are assembled

on site. If so it is the earliest example of this mass-production method I have seen for wood construction.

Perhaps Tony Thompson, as our resident PFE man, has some insight on this.


Cordially, Don Valentine


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