Re: Apparently, Boston & Maine boxcars made it to Florida

Schuyler Larrabee

Ditto on Dexters.  What I really liked was that I could absolutely rely on the size and fit.  I bought 10½ D without even bothering to try them on.  Once they left Maine, that went to hell in a handbasket.




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Were Dexter shoes sold that far west? When they were actually made in Maine they were all I bought.


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They wouldn't ship spuds or cranberries from Maine to the west coast as Washington and Idaho are spud country, and Washington and Oregon grow cranberries (Ocean Spray).  But B&M beans are THE best and certainly were shipped to the west!

Paper not likely as Washington had gobs of paper mills.  But I have been looking at how to justify a BAR reefer and some BM cars to appear on my Seattle layout and any more ideas would be welcome.  All I can think of for a BAR reefer is fresh lobster?  I like the idea of the BM car carrying B&M beans to some grocery distributors, too.

  Doug Paasch


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