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Tim O'Connor

Thank you Steve - Graver & Whiting! That's a new one on me!

On 7/9/2020 1:01 PM, Steve and Barb Hile wrote:

UTLX 96720 would have been part of a group of cars ordered in 1951 but not completed until 1953, so weren’t listed in the Jan 1952 roster, which can be seen in the files section of this group.


I probably should have included this information into the roster in the UTLX book, so it was an oversight on my part.


Here are three more lines that could be included into Appendix 2


96412 – 96461    11,000   Z5-300   ACF        1951       50           50           Lot 3748.  Completed 6-14-52.  Commercial design

96462 – 96712    11,000   X5-300  Graver and Whiting         1952       251         251        

96713 – 96949    11,000   X5-300  Graver and Whiting         1952       237         236         Completed 4-17-53


Bottom line is, no, 96720 is not the Atlas model, it is a UTLX design car with a tank built by Graver and the car assembled at UTLX, Whiting, Indiana.


Hope this helps.




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Does UTLX 96720 look like an ACF built tank car? Is it the same as the Kadee model?

Tim O'Connor

On 7/8/2020 1:50 PM, Gatwood, Elden J SAD wrote:

Bob and all;


I see two Skelgas and at least three other (one being a UTLX), what look like ICC-105-300’s, almost certainly in compressed gas service.  Is there a production area in the vicinity?


Elden Gatwood


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Subject: [Non-DoD Source] [RealSTMFC] Photo: Carbon Black Car?


Photo: Carbon Black Car?

A 1955 photo from the Oklahoma Historical Society:


Click on the photo to enlarge it and use the Zoom button to enlarge it further.

The covered hopper appears to be a carbon black car.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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