Re: Photo: Flood Damaged PFE Reefers

Bruce Smith

I think that we are looking at a retrofit. The diagonal brace, which in my experience can run either way, depending on the car and road, appears to have been applied over (or really under) the stringer. Normally, there are either diagonals, OR stringers between the bolster and the end sill, not both. For example, the PRR X31 was built with the diagonal, but when the single stringer was replaced with double stringers, the diagonal brace was removed and the stringers ran to the end of the car. 

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Well, I agree that it’s not tight to the floor above it, but . . . it’s also appearing to be bent, and on a wrecked car, I’d be cautious about generalizing from the condition of this particular diagonal to say that all diagonals on PFE reefers are the same.  Once bent, that channel has lost a good bit of its integrity.


What surprises me about this shot is that it’s much more common for diagonals to the end of the car to run from the middle of the bolster to the corner of the car, essentially at 90 degrees to this configuration.




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Tony or anyone --

A question - Did you notice the 'diagonal' brace between the draft gear and the floor stringer? On models
these diagonals are always flat against the floor. But this one looks like it goes from the floor (and stringer)
to the end sill - not flush against the floor.

Tim O'Connor

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