Re: Photo Help -- DT&I Boxcar #14300-14549

hubert mask

Looks great.

Hubert Mask 

On Jul 10, 2020, at 12:50 PM, Craig Wilson <agecompanyphotog@...> wrote:

When I was building the Yarmouth kits for the earlier 14000-14299 series cars (which had the proprietary ACF ends and 7-foot doors) I also built one of the 8-foot door cars (14300-14599) cars using a Branchline kit as the starting point.  The sill tabs were removed and a solid bolster-to-bolster sill was fabricated from Evergreen styrene.  Also the gusset plates were added next to the door.

The photo Tim posted clearly shows the extra vertical row of rivets in the side panels.  I used Archer Transfers rivets for these.  A photo of the completed model is attached.  I used a Yarmouth etched running board and Tahoe Barber S2 trucks.  I used the Mask Island decal set for the compass herald paint scheme with a repaint date of 1959 keeping it eligible for this list.

Craig Wilson


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