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Douglas Harding

These photos show MSTL gas electric GE-25 in week sprayer service, on fire. The attached tank car, containing the weed killer, is AMOX 701. Date is July 1, 1963 at Heartand MN.


Doug Harding


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With respect to "extreme tank car modeling", I am looking for photos of steam era oil or gasoline tank cars that have wrecked, burnt, and possibly ruptured, for a modeling idea.





Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL


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I suspect that the tank cars were carrying LPG or a similar flammable gas, not oil.  Oil burns, gas explodes, and the piece of shrapnel on this UTLX ICC 105 pressure tank car was likely the wrapper on another similar car that exploded.  Here's a You Tube video of a modern 33,000 gallon LPG tank car that caught fire and exploded in the 1980s as a result of a derailment:

Todd Sullivan

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