Re: B&O double sheathed boxcar with single sheathed ends?

Bruce Smith

I concur, and will add that it is an early production X29, with short upper door track, car builder's door, and door stops at 1/3 and 2/3 door height. An additional X29 with similar features is just ahead of the UP box on the far right. The WLE car to the left of our subject B&O car is an "X29 clone", and there is another X29 or similar car just in front of it and several more X29 or X29-like cars can be found. That should come as no surprise given that next to the home road, they should be the most common single class of car in yard, along with the NYC "steel USRA car" due to their number in the fleet.

Lots of other interesting cars.
The round roof PRR boxcar 3 tracks top the right, PRR 59168, is class X32a (flush roof, no autoloaders)
A SOUTHERN Steel automobile car next track to the left of the WLE car and SOUTHERN 15744 in the lover right corner.
Lots of radial roof cars
Lots of interesting tank cars, including the EORX tank just ahead of the B&O car, with classic opposing safety valves and bolsters for Standard Tank Car Co construction

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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PRR 570940 = PRR  class X(no hyphen)29 in 1946.

Mike Schleigh in wet Grove City, Penna.

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Bruce -

There is a PRR steel box car (570940) on the the next track to the left.  Any idea what class it is?

Paul R Greenwald 
PRRT&HS 1802
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Paul R Greenwald 
PRRT&HS #1802
NMRA #129229

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