Coupler Mounting Screws

Paul Catapano

I found a surplus hardware store in Burbank, Ca. (Joe Factor Hardware now Luky’s Hardware) that sold assorted 2-56 screws for $1 a POUND (Know how many 2-56 x 3/16 pan head screws are in a pound? A whole lot!)
I bought every type, version, and length of 2-56 screw they had;
Brass, steel, stainless steel, pan head, counter sunk, round head, etc.
They also had washers for these screws, thin enough to use for minor coupler height adjustment.
Check on line for surplus hardware stores near you, or try screw and bolt suppliers and buy in bulk.
I know McMaster-Carr carries a wide variety.

Paul Catapano
Winchester, Va.

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