Re: Tru Color paint on Resin Freight Cars

Ken Adams

I keep both the Tamiya red oxide and light grey primer handy and use before any rolling stock painting.  I have a bin of Tr-Color on hand but these days use it and PBL Star Brand for matching to Vallejo acrylics usually Vallejo Model Color for hand brushing. One color I have yet to match is the PBL Star Brand SP-UP Dark Olive to represent the SP color Dark Olive in Japan for passenger equipment. I don't do much passenger these days but when I do out comes the PreVal sprayer.

For a couple of cars both plastic and resin, the Tamiya red oxide was close enough to the color I wanted that I just sprayed the car a second time and used that as the final coat before on to the Future and decalling.

Ken Adams
Still in splendid Shelter In Place solitude, about half way up Walnut Creek

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