End and Roof Color - WM #4001-4050 Series Boxcars #4001-4050

Bob Chapman

Currently working on a boxcar project involving Western Maryland #4001-4050 series boxcar (postwar AAR, R-3-4 end, blt 7/51). 

My question -- when built, were the ends and/or roof of this series black car cement?

In the Speedwitch decal data sheet (covering cars through the previous #29210-29300 series of 1951), Ted Culotta comments "the postwar design cars prominently featured ends with black car cement".

In RMJ 11/90, Ed Hawkins comments on the subsequent #4201-4450 series of 9/53, "(red) for sides and ends, color of roof...left to discretion of the modeler".

Looks like my series could go either way -- I'll welcome any new insight.

Bob Chapman

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