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John King



In the book Western Maryland Railway Revenue Equipment Boxcars and Refrigerator Cars (published by the WMRY Historical Society) the black and white builders photo of the first car in the 28801 to 29000 series clearly shows a darker color for the ends and roof and the author points out that the ends and roof were black.  The two b&w builders photos of the first car in the 4001 to 4050 series  show no difference in color or shade between the sides and the ends/roof and there is no mention of black roof or ends in the captions/description.   Based on the that I think it is a reasonable guess that the ends and roof of the 4001 was the same color as the sides.


John King  


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Currently working on a boxcar project involving Western Maryland #4001-4050 series boxcar (postwar AAR, R-3-4 end, blt 7/51). 


My question -- when built, were the ends and/or roof of this series black car cement?



In the Speedwitch decal data sheet (covering cars through the previous #29210-29300 series of 1951), Ted Culotta comments "the postwar design cars prominently featured ends with black car cement".


In RMJ 11/90, Ed Hawkins comments on the subsequent #4201-4450 series of 9/53, "(red) for sides and ends, color of roof...left to discretion of the modeler".


Looks like my series could go either way -- I'll welcome any new insight.



Bob Chapman

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