Re: Coupler Mounting Screws

Daniel A. Mitchell

We used to have a lot of surplus places here in Michigan. They mostly started as military surplus dealers after WWII, then switched to industrial surplus. They had lots of hardware, electronics, assorted metals & plastics. One could spend hours wading through these places. All “cash & carry” and mostly in bulk. Their sources for such things slowly dried-up as many industries closed, and interested customers disappeared since nobody wants to really *DO* anything anymore. Same story for the used machinery dealers, especially for small machines. There’s hardly a one left around here anymore.

Even the new material industrial supplies have mostly disappeared. The few left are mostly very expensive, and they often don’t want to deal with small quantity buyers.  They want to sell a few thousand of something, or maybe a couple hundred pounds of it. Same for tools … if you want something better than Harbor Freight you’re out of luck. I’m forced to obtain most of my tools and materials via the internet.

Dan Mitchell

On Jul 11, 2020, at 6:44 PM, George Corral <aileron44@...> wrote:

Great place to spend hours noodling around for surplus aircraft grade you name it.  Lived just around the corner.  Haven't been in that store for years.  Was Joe Factors then.  Left over store from aircraft production support businesses for Lockheed and war production.

Luky's Hardware

Another great place was San Fernando Hardware.  Don't know if it still exists.

George Corral

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