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Matt Goodman

Thanks Eric - I’ll take a look through. It might fill out some of more details on strawboard in general. The ownership part is turning out to be a real rabbit hole - mainly thanks to Barber being involved in merging 22 strawboard companies into American Strawboard. At some point, I need to limit the scope creep. Maybe once the web page is done.

Thomas, Eric’s link may answer your question about Rittman. Barber moved the his Strawboard works from New Portage to Barberton around 1891. The source described the latter being west of the former, so… maybe?

Sources: Portage Strawboard (also search on Barberton for additional detail)


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This Atlas and Industrial Geography of Summit County (Ohio) is a fascinating look back at Akron, Barberton, and other communities. The maps are similar to Sanborn maps but document the infrastructure. Barberton index is on page 85. Maps featuring Diamond Match, American Strawboard, Babcock & Wilcox, and the American Sewer Pipe plant (later becoming American Vitrified) are on pages 87, 88, and 93.
Barberton would make a great setting for manageable sized steam era layout. Don’t miss the pages in the last third of the book with period images of factories, homes, and businesses.
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Yes, indeed, Barberton was New Portage early on. The location of the central part of each was not the quite same, but geographically close. The center of Barberton is a little south of New Portage, both on the Ohio Canal.

Are the early (or any of) these  companies related to the paper box company in Rittman, Ohio? This is west of Barberton on the old Erie.  I think it had the name of Ohio Straw Board for a while. 

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