Re: Erie 1937 AAR Boxcar – IMWX Upgrade #2

Brian Carlson

Bob. I’m working on one of these. Waist paint color did you use? 

Brian J. Carlson 

On Jul 13, 2020, at 5:17 PM, Robert Chapman <chapbob4014@...> wrote:

Upon opening the second of my two 1937 AAR IMWX boxcar kits from my deep stash, I discovered not much more than a carbody. No roof, no detail sprue. Then came the recall – the kit was a parts donor for a kitbash project. 

The missing roof presented the opportunity to substitute a Viking roof from Des Plaines Hobbies, and the missing parts to be replaced with contemporary upgrades. Among 1937 AAR’s equipped with the Viking roof was the Erie, an good prototype to further diversify the boxcar fleet.

Added details include Tichy 8/8 ladders, Apex running board from Yarmouth Models, Kadee Ajax brakewheel, and the interesting National Type B trucks from Proto 2000. The prototype had grabs with brackets much smaller than Kadee’s -- almost looking like wire grabs. Decals are Speedwitch Media.

The prototype often sported black ends and sometimes a black roof; I opted for both. I'll welcome any suggestions and/or photos re a weathering approach that would look credible on a black Viking roof....

The missing parts proved a stroke of good fortune, resulting in a distinctive model.

Bob Chapman 

<Erie 1937 IMWX+.jpg>

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