Re: LNE 1923 box cars A question about the roofs of these cars

Schuyler Larrabee

Thanks, Fenton, for a) remembering this email of mine, more than two months later, and b) the offer to share your stock of “stuff.”  I’d love to have the roof to make that kit complete, but I still have a nagging question about when the roofs were replaced.  PROBABLY someone answered that question, but of course, I have completely forgotten what the answer was.  In any event I can always weather the roof substantially if it turns out it should have a newer roof and explain that this particular car has been AWOL from the LNE shops . . .




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Did you ever find a roof for this car?  I have an extra flat steel roof(PRR X 29 style) let me know if you need it



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It’s been mentioned that the original roofs were replaced “in the 50s.”   Now I realize that was likely a lengthy process, but I’d like to know what the roof was in the early 50s, even the late 40s.


I bought a Red Caboose kit at a train show several years ago, and when I opened it a week or so ago, discovered that someone had filched the roof out of the box.  Only the roof, but without a roof . . .


Ted C told me he >might< have a replacement roof, though is upgrade/modernization kit is out of production.


If someone has a suitable roof they could provide, I’d be happy to acquire same.







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