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Gatwood, Elden J SAD

Bob, all;


I have not been able to find much on those P&LE flats, as it is out of my era, but P&LE had some very interesting specialty cars in their fleet, being in Pittsburgh and being asked to ship stuff like this.


The cars look more like HD tender trucks, than freight cars, but my research on them has turned up nothing.  They appear to be joined by no more than an air hose, which is odd.


MacIntosh-Hemphill’s Garrison Works was on Pittsburgh’s South Side, on the Oliver Iron & Steel line (later Allegheny & South Side), parallel with the P&LE, which means this beast had to cross that little short line, with its tiny 55-pound rail (at best).  That must’ve been an interesting move.


I don’t know how P&LE got this into the plant of Pittsburgh Steel, but it was on-line up the Monongahela River.  Fairly short move.


The casting is, I think, a base, or bed, for a big, big, shear.  The notch in the top is what I think is where large blooms were sheared to size.  This is the biggest I have seen of their products.


MacIntosh-Hemphill made other things like mill rolls, some of whom still survive in various locations.


Here is the plant, in the 1945 flood:  OI&S/A&SS steamer, gons, and trackage of same to left, P&LE under water to center.  I think that set of cross-overs would have hosted that move.


Elden Gatwood



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Photos: 235,000 Pound Casting, Very Short Flat Cars

Three 1908 photos from the University of Pittsburgh Digital Archives:




Scroll on the photos to enlarge them.

Bob Chaparro

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