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Dave Nelson <muskoka@...>

None so far but it sounds from your comments that it may just be matter of
time. 8-(

I avoid goo/contact cement because I'm allergic to it and you've got to be
careful to let it out-gas the solvent before doing the join -- too easy to
be impatient. Have you another alternative to suggest?

Dave Nelson

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My experience with silicone caulking materials has been that they dry
out faster than a rubber based cement such as Walthers Goo. That being
said, what has your experience been, Dave, and how many of your "penny
piles" have you had break loose in a car on you? One would think the
double sided tape might be the best solution of the three materials.

Take care, Don Valentine

Quoting Dave Nelson <muskoka@...>:

IIRC, a tiny bit less than 1/10th of an ounce. I stick mine together
silicone caulk, making sure there is a smear of caulk somewhere on the
outside edge (I keep a pile of these in my toolkit in 3 or 5 high
and then depending on what's on hand when I do it either double sided
or (more often) caulk to afix them to the car.

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