Re: For those using pennies for weight in cars...

Larry Lee <jlawrencelee@...>

Tony is right that inconsistency -- manifested as
light cars mixed with heavy cars, or poor rollers mixed with good
rollers, or worst a high center of gravity light car with good
trucks dragging heavy cars with bad trucks, is gonna lead to problems
on Dead Man's Curve at the top of the grade...
From my experience many moons ago with SCL, that's exactly how the
yardmasters liked to build trains, especially for the hilly, crooked routes.
So this sounds like just another one of those operational challenges that
all enginemen are expected to handle without any problem. And we are after
realism, aren't we? In that case, a derailment is never the fault of the
consist, but always due to poor train handling.

If you can't get that train over the road--any road--with a bunch of long,
light TTX flats up front and a block of the old Ulrich metal hoppers (and
let's have 'em riding on Varney trucks without tapered axles just for fun)
at the rear, then we can't use you.

C'mon, kwitcher whinin' and take those days off like a man!

Larry Lee
Auburn, AL

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