Re: Seaboard W73046

Mont Switzer

Tony and David Thompson:

The Monon had two cars identical to the SAL water car. They were 8000 gallon cars used for transporting diesel fuel and waste oil. The Monon picked them up on the used market after WWII, but I've not located any more information than that.

Mont Switzer

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David Thompson wrote:

This is one of those tank cars built in the 'Teens with the underframe commonly attributed to Standard Tank Car, but I believe the high-walkway cars were built by Pennsylvania Tank Car before STC started up. This car was probably purchased from GATX sometime in the late '40s or '50s.
This particular high walkway does not look like the kind originally built early in the 20th century. It looks to me more like a homebuilt addition when it was in MW service.

Tony Thompson

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