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Bruce Smith


As has been stated previously in this thread, this is likely a PTC product. Some of the spotting features are:

1) The bolsters. These heave built up trapezoidal bolsters SCREAM Standard Tank Car (STC), but actually derive from the earlier Pennsylvania Tank Car (PTC). Note that high walkway AC&F type 7 cars did have a larger bolster that vaguely resembles the PTC/STC bolster, but there are differences in the construction and contours. 
2) The absence of side/end sills. The AC&F type 7 high walkway cars had both side and end sills between the bolster and the end of the car. The car in the photo has neither.
3) The ladder position. The AC&F ladders are parallel with the end sill. The car in the photo has ladders parallel to the center sill. 



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On Jul 19, 2020, at 10:21 PM, Richard McQuade via <richardmcquade@...> wrote:

Looks like the  hi-walkway tank cars found on Westerfield's AC&F disc. The walkways look like they were modified from the originals with the railing placed inboard close to the thank instead of around the outside. The end ladders have been removed but the side ladders are still there. The overall construction of the car including the bands tying the tank to the frame and the underbody looks like the AC&F cars. Funaro and Camerlengo have a kit of the 8000 gallon AC&F hi-walkway tank car. Thanks for posting this. It will be helpful to me when I build my kits.

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