Re: Car Weight, scales and pennies

C J Wyatt

After having both stick-on weights and an epoxied weight come loose after
several years, I switched to silicone caulk and have had no problems
I also looked at why those weights came loose and decided it was the
application as much as the adhesives. The inside of most resin floors is
almost as smooth as glass giving any adhesive nothing much to grab on to.
I've started sanding the inside surface with rough sandpaper to give some
tooth to it. I think it will help.
I think you are right about surface preparation, but for what it's worth, my
standard is to mechanical attach the weights as well as use adhesive. My
weights are 5/8' brass nuts, which of course are non-magnetic. Certain
stainless steel alloys are also non-magnetic. When I'm drilling holes for
the truck screws, I also drill two holes 0.200" closer to the center between
the center sills and tap them. I first use epoxy to attach the nut,
centering it on the screw hole. Then I use a "0.100" styrene strip with a
clearance hole in the center as a crosspiece to hold the nut in place, and a
3/4" screw to hold it all down. This is not as cheap as pennies, but I don't
have to worry about having the weights come lose.

Jack Wyatt

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