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Mainline Modeler did a plan for this car.
Yeah, but was it right? Hundman has been known to commit some howlers.
I actually have not found the issue with these drawings yet (the MRRing periodical
index search is hardly robust.) However, if I use the holes in the center sill castings
as guides, then the trainline either passes through the center sill close to the B end
and runs under the KC brakes or passes through the center sill near the A end and is
therefore on the other side of the center sill from the brake gear, meaning that the
piping from the trainline to the brake gear must pass through the center sill.
Scenario one seems more likely than two, but was it considered a car building "faux
pas" for the trainline to run under the KC brake's piston and triple valve? Or is it
more of a "faux pas" for the piping from the brake gear to purposely pass through the
center sill to connect to the trainline?

Ted Culotta

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