Re: Steam Era Spray trains

Douglas Harding

No, it is a standard two axle truck. Here is another photo of GE-25 in weed sprayer service. You can see the two wheels outlined by the shadows underneath. And a photo of GE-25 at the Cedar Lake shops, which clearly shows the spray arms, above the rear truck. The CRRM has a nice color image of this same shot at Cedar Lake by DLind, which clearly shows the truck frame, but they claim a copyright on it, so I can't post it here.

Doug Harding

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Doug and All-
The image is too dark to see for sure, but is that a six-wheel truck under the close end?
Charlie Vlk

The M&StL converted a gas electric, GE-25, to weed spray duty in the late 50s. They added a control booth in the rear of the body with extra windows, spray arms, etc. The unit towed one or two tankcars. It was destroyed by fire in 1963. North American created a weed sprayer in the late 50s, which ran on several roads in the mid-west.

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