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charles slater

Bill I was having the same problems with pin vises going bad and would not hold the # 70-80 drill bits anymore. I got two new ones from Micro-Mart and I could not even get a #80 drill in the small collet
on one of them as all the jaws were closed up tight. The other would not close down to hold anything smaller than a #75 drill. They both went into the trash. 
I found one at our local train show in March made by Zona Tools and it is the VERY BEST, by far, one I have ever used. Go to   and the one I have is their #37-120 it is rather odd looking and has a large ball on the end that fits in the palm of your hand and you turn the chuck with your thumb and index finger. It is very comfortable to use and I have never dropped it. Try it I think you will love it also.
Charlie Slater
Zona Tool manufacturers and sells the highest quality hand saws and cutting tools.

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I have found over the years that mos tpin vises for small drills have a short lifespan.  I have resorted to using a small pin vice (no swivel head) from   Micro Mark #15116.  In fact I keep 10 of them on my workbench loaded with 71 to 80 drills.  This saves a lot of time.

Bill Pardie

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I bought an expensive one from a site I learned about on the old STMFC forum which sells to professional machinists - it worked real well and wasn't outrageously expensive.
I've been using carbide micro drill bits used to drill PC boards. I buy them from ebay. They work pretty well on most materials but they easily snap.
Haven't bought any carbide bits recently but when I did the price was right.

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