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I quote from POOR'S MANUAL OF RAILROADS, 1898:

Sioux Falls Terminal R.R. -- Sioux Falls to South Sioux Falls, S.D., 7.01 m.; total track (steel, 60 lbs), 9.01 miles. Gauge, 4 ft. 8 1/2 in. Organized as South Sioux Falls Ry. & R.T. Co.; name changed and road opened in 1890. The road crosses all the railroads entering Sioux Falls, thus forming a belt line around that city, and extending through the counties of Minnehaha and Lincoln. A part of it is used by the Northern R.R. Co. by permission, without any lease or definite tenure. Capital stock, $300,000.

The 1901 volume notes that the line was taken over by the Great Northern in 1900.

These are all the facts I was able to dig up.

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montydogsdad2 wrote:

Hello Group,
Does anyone know anything about this Ry? I found it listed in Gross'
book starting in 1888. There were both Sioux Falls towns in Minn. and
S.Dakota (and maybe Iowa)I have found so far. I have a Pullman box
car photo,with no
car number.The car is about 33-34 ft.long. I need to know what the
numbering series might be. It is not in Al's 1888 disk.Any help
Please, excuse any overposting.
Art Griffin

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