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Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@...>

Tony Thompson wrote

The WM used 7-10 engines up black fork grade. Why shouldn't I?
Mmmmm. Black Fork, extremely typical prototype situation. Yes, if you
actually model Black Fork, use a whole buncha consolidations. Practically
any other mainline in America, nope.
Tony, the SP rated a 2-10-2 at "1 M" or 500 tons up Cantara grade. Wasn't
unusual for SP to use 3 to 5 2-10-2's on a freight. And the Siskiyou line
was even worse! Grades are a natural for model layouts, so we have short
trains with helpers (at least in the steam era).

If you don't have enough weight in every car they're going to stringline
for sure when you cross the Sacramento River bridge, and then you'll have
some explaining to do!

I fully agree we can double-head, though with steam models they don't
always run well together. Diesels, sure, add more units just like the
prototype and most run better together. DCC is fixing some of the
inter-loco compatibility running problems, but not all.
Speaking of which, a little off-topic, last night I saw someone using a
speedometer to fine tune the settings on a DCC equipped engine. This is
a commercial device that straddles the rail and has a digital readout of
the HO scale miles per hour down to 1/10's of SMPH. I gotta get me one
of them! :o)

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