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Grades are a natural for model layouts, so we have short
trains with helpers (at least in the steam era).
I would disagree somewhat with this statement. I think that unless you are building a
double decked layout then only the APPEARANCE of grades is important. You can
have "perfectly" flat track that looks like it climbs or drops by varying the surrounding
terrain. Transitions between scenes can "bring you back" to your original level. This
goes a long way toward helping to create a layout where a steam engine can pull a
more prototypically long freight train. If you have models with very free rolling
wheels, you can have some really long trains this way, even with a modest amount of
power. Granted, this means you have to operate as if you are going up or down a
grade, but I'd rather thave that issue combined with a 2-10-2 that can pull 40+ cars
than a real grade and a 2-10-2 that slips with an unprototypically short consist.

Ted Culotta

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