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Eric Hansmann

A very interesting image. I see several stake pocket replacements have been installed. I’m surprised no one has noted the similarity of this NYC prototype to the Tichy HO scale model.


Roger Hinman gave a clinic on NYC steel flat cars at the 2018 RPM Chicagoland. Roger separated the flat cars into different types, based upon spotting features. His Type 2 cars had fish belly center sills and straight side sills. They were a 40-ft length, slightly shorter than the 41-ft Tichy flat car kit, and had 11 stake pockets compared to 12 on the Tichy model.


The NYC installed 2050 of these flat cars (Lot 208-F) from AC&F in 1906 and assigned to NYC&HR, CCC&StL, MC, and CI&S. All were delivered with early Andrews cast steel side frame trucks and 11 side stakes.


Just need to adjust the stake pocket spacing and create some decals for the Tichy model to stand-in for NYC Lines cars.



Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN







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Photo: Boiler On NYC Flatcar

A circa 1920 Shorpy photo from the National Photo Company Collection:

This photo can be enlarged quite a bit.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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