Re: Express reefer addendum

Andy Sperandeo <asperandeo@...>

Ted Culotta wrote:

"You probably know this, too, but Microscale makes the decals for the scheme
to which you refer [REX green-and-silver] (Aren't the members ofthis list
are good at removing excuses for people? Now if only they would build the
models for you, too...)"

You're right, Ted, especially that last sentence. With a big layout under
construction I try to carefully pick my spots for full-out paint and decal
jobs. I recently received a small shipment of Walthers undec. 6-6-4s to do
in circa 1947 Santa Fe two-tone gray - oops, that's the other list - so I'm
more than happy if someone else will paint and letter my express reefers.
(And since the layout is under construction, there's no rush, but don't let
Bill S. hear that I said that.)

so long,

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