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I havr several of these.  I'm not sure if it is the same manufacturer.  I don't use them as I seem to have a degree of difficulty tightening down on the drill.  Maybe it's because as my wife says about my Phydical Culture evdevours "  If they are nice shiney and balanced weights and there are young girls watching you can lift them.  When it comes to opening a peanut bottle jar or carrying the groceries up the stairs you are useless".

Bill Pardie

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Try these sites for Bergeon # 30432

Ken Montero

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Son of a gun!  That’s the vise I inherited from my grandfather, a clock maker/designer, who had a very severe case of toolitis.  I have always wondered where he got it, and it’s the on I have on reserve for really delicate drilling with tiny bits.  Normally I use a Bergeron No. 30432, which I don’t find using Google.  Not sure where I bought it, except that it was on-line.




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Amazon sells the Starrett in two sizes.  Here is the smaller one which holds 60 to 80 and maybe smaller bits with 0-0.040" claimed capacity:

Not outrageous if you have Prime Membership with free shipping or can combine it with another order.

Allen Cain 

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