Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Volume 35

Paul Krueger

Evidently, there is a new volume of Railway Prototype Cyclopedia coming this fall. I'm surprised I didn't see this mentioned here. Maybe I missed it?

Paul Krueger
Seattle, WA


Volume 35 is a special super-sized edition comprising 385 pages, which contain much useful prototype information in one extensive, comprehensive article on the following subject:
Genesis of The A.A.R. Standard 40' Box Car: a part of the continuing series covering 20th century American box, automobile, and refrigerator car designs, the 385-page article by Pat Wider centers on the Association of American Railroads' Standard Box Car of 1937. The A.A.R. design of 1937 was a further development of the American Railway Association's Standard Box Car of 1932. Improvements included increased inside dimensions, better riding trucks, standardization of vendor-supplied car body components, improved friction draft gear and automatic air brake systems, longer-lasting wheels, stronger designs and floors, and safer and easier to operate power hand brakes. Brief histories of the standardization and impact of these various sub-systems on the railroad industry through World War II are included as well as descriptions of several post-war developments. This volume provides the ideal prelude to the 6-inch taller A.A.R. alternate standard box cars built during and after the war.
This comprehensive article includes 5 tables, 15 historical railroad industry sidebars, 33 industry trade ads, 47 U.S. patents, 72 diagrams, and 428 B&W photographs of 10-foot inside height (or slightly less) A.A.R. Standard Box Cars of 1937 built from May, 1936, until December, 1948. The article includes much valuable information on the relevant box cars for the following railroads: A&EC, A&WP, ACL, AT&SF, B&O, BM, C&EI, C&O, CG, CGW, CIL, CN, COPR, CP, CR, D&M, DL&W, Erie, FEC, Georgia, GM&O, IHB, ITC, KCS, L&C, L&N, LS&I, LV, M&StL, MEC, NADHM, NC&StL. NdeM, NH, NJI&I, NKP, NP, NPF, NS, NSD, NYC, ONT, P&LE, PM, RDG, RSCX, SAL, SL-SF, Soo Line, Southern, SP, T&NO, T&P, TC, UP, VGN, W&LE, WAB, WM, WofA, and WP.

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