HO Red Caboose Post-War Welded Tank Car-Improved


A few months ago I received this Red Caboose 10000 gal AC&F car as a kit lettered for UTLX. I had seen some unfavorable comments previously so I asked what improvements were needed. A very helpful list member forwarded Mont Switzer's excellent article from the Sept 1995 Mainline Modeler. After studying Mont's article and prototype photos, I decided that there was more that could be done. I have included the official AC&F photo which was most helpful. The most prominent issues I saw were the location and shape of the handrail. Red Caboose saw fit to locate the handrail at the midline of the tank. I thought it should be a bit higher. This was particularly noticeable on this UTLX version with the reporting marks visibly incorrect above the handrail. The brackets cast as part of the tank were easily removed, and new brackets, Detail Associates eyebolts, located and installed. I found the square corners of the original handrail objectionable so I fashioned a new one from brass wire. The photo shows weathering only partially done with grime airbrushed on the lower part of the car. The trucks are Exactrail Barber S2.


The UTLX number Red Caboose chose was 85339. Checking in my Jan 1955 ORER, I found series 80000 – 85999 for 100000 lb TL cars but only one car in the series. Must have been 85339. Seems a bit odd but I am sticking to it.

Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL

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