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Gatwood, Elden J SAD

Nice car, Bob!


Elden Gatwood


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Circa 1990, Front Range offered styrene kits for variations of postwar AAR boxcars with R-3-4 improved dreadnaught ends and diagonal panel roofs, a cache of which I unburied in my pandemic project to drain the stash of long-slumbering styrene kits. One of the variations is a 12-panel welded car with 8-foot doors – a prototype fielded by Wabash subsidiary NJI&I, which acquired two 50-car series in 1/50.   


The Front Range carbody is nicely executed, but with add-on parts well below contemporary standards. New parts include a Yarmouth Models US Gypsum runningboard, Kadee 7/7 ladders/bracket grabs/Miner brakewheel, and Kato ASF A-3 trucks. Front Range’s deep fishbelly sidesill was modified to NJI&I’s more conventional pattern. Decals are from K4, which offers an amazing variety of secondary road choices. No weathering – once in a while we need a fresh car. Interestingly, the prototype lettering is “wrong side”. (Anyone know why?)    


For those not already NJI&I modelers (!) – the New Jersey, Indiana & Illinois was a short line created by Singer Sewing Machine to connect its South Bend plant to the Wabash 11 miles south; the roadname comes from the three states hosting Singer plants. Acquired by Wabash in 1926, it was operated as a separate subsidiary. Completing these undecs has added the fun of modeling prototypes that I would never have dreamed of pulling off the shelf at the LHS.  



Bob Chapman

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