Intermountain underframes


I picked up a few of the recent Intermountain 1937 and 1942 40' boxcar recently to round out the fleet.  I had built quite a few of the early ones, and I recalled the change in the underframe of the 1942 (10"-6") which had a very thick body bolster so that it (the center of the bolster surrounding the part molded into the body), was now flush with the part molded into the body.  In other words, there was no projection into the truck mounting hole.  This also put the body 4 to 6 inches too high.  At that time, I would cut that part back when I was working on the underframe.  I used various methods, but finally discovered that just filing it flat would still allow the trucks to swivel properly, so I didn't bother to try to fill in the space between the underframe body bolster part and the part molded into the body, which takes the truck screw.

Now I find, on these RTR cars, that the same problematic underframe part is used on both.  I just tore into a couple of the 10'-0" 1937 cars and discovered that this underframe, with the too-thick bolster, is now used on these cars too.  I routinely bust off the coupler pocket on Intermountain cars so that I can install the Kadee 262 coupler pocket and discovered this.  Fortunately (?), the paint on this underframe part is about two scale inches thick, so I was able to chisel it off which reduced the height a little, but I'm really disgusted to discover this.

Ron Merrick

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