Re: Intermountain underframes

John Sykes III

I think this is another case of Intermountain quality going to hell in a handbasket.

It seems to me that the key factor was the closing of the Hong Kong factory a year or so ago.

I just got 6 PFE reefers about a month ago and am finding that the brake gear mountings are different on some of them (inconsistent).  Looks like they came out of multiple factories.   However they are all wrong and need the brake gear removed and reapplied correctly.  I bought 6 CalScale* brake sets just in case I needed to replace parts, but am finding that the Intermountain brake gear comes off very easily since it is poorly secured to the underframe.  I would rather have a "shake the box" kit where I can properly buildup the brake gear than have to remove and rebuild it.

*Yeah, I know, Tichy is closer to scale, but I have always found it to be a PITA to install.

-- John

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