Re: inside running rail of the curve will be accompanied by an addition guard rail

Ted Schnepf


I believe from the photos they are "self guarding frogs", the guard rails are built into the frogs , not needing a separate guard rails.

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On Thursday, July 23, 2020, 11:02:14 PM CDT, Jim and Barbara van Gaasbeek <jvgbvg@...> wrote:

I’ not so sure.  Look at the trackage at The Harlem Transfer Company:,other%20railroads%20would%20jointly%20operate%20in%20the%20facility.


The majority of the curves, and the curved-frog turnouts, had 90-foot and 104-foot radii, but no guard rails on the inside rail.  There may be other reasons why the HTC could get away with such absurd track radii without guard rails.



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