Re: NYC offset-side hopper (Sunshine Minikit)

Benjamin Hom

Phil asked:
"I missed out on the Sunshine minikit to model a NYC MDT hopper (similar to the USRA design but with offset sides). Does anyone know of a way to model this hopper? I will likely need at least two for my layout."

What scale?  I'm assuming HO since you mentioned Sunshine (AFAIK, their hopper minikits were for the AAR alternate standard offset, not the cars in question), and that the "MDT" hoppers were the 2,050 Lot 479-H, 533-H, 534-H, 535-H, and 539-H 30 ft 6 in IL offset twins built between 1924 and 1928.

These are problematic in HO scale due to the dearth of decent starting points.  The only readily available mass produced offset hoppers with the stepped taper are Athearn quad and MDC triple.  Of these two, the Athearn model (or its AHM, Roco, or Tyco copies) is the better starting point.  It obviously needs to be shortened into a quad, the end supports need to be reworked, and the ladders removed and replaced with grabs.  This is a conversion I need to do as I'll need a few of these as well.

On the other hand, those modeling in S scale have had these hoppers offered by S Helper Service years ago.

Ben Hom

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