Posting photo links was Photo: Tank Cars At National Zinc Separating Company Plant

Bruce Smith


I too value Bob's posts, although I delete the vast majority as they are not of interest (out of time frame, lately too early, or cars I'm not contemplating building)  They usually contain enough information that I can rapidly decide whether they are of interest not. In addition, being links, not scanned photos, they do not burden the storage capacity of the list. Since Bob usually reports the data as reported by the archive, it can be incorrect, but that's half the fun!  

Recently, because of the volume, it's felt a little overwhelming. However, rather than shut off the flow, I figured that I could divert it. Now I have an email "rule" that diverts those emails to a separate folder, where I can sit down with a coffee (before noon) or beer (after noon) and peruse them at my leisure. For those of you uninterested at all (on this list??) you can send them directly to trash.

As for scanning those archives, sometimes Bob's posts have led me to archives, but honestly, having a full-time job, I appreciate Bob being my "archive scanner" as I do not have time to scan those archives, and at the same time work, eat, and build models.

I will make one final point. By posting these to the list, Bob creates a record. That record is searchable. Now, if I search for "PRR GRA​" I have an immediate route back to the link (if I haven't already saved it). This is one of the reasons that I frequently respond with the class of the car, if it is not already included in the original post. My search would then catch the response, allowing me to follow the thread to the post. 

Oh, and y'all had enough time to complain, but not CHANGE THE SUBJECT? Seriously?

Bruce Smith
Auburn AL

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I thank Bob for his work, and hope he will continue. His intro is sufficient to have me evaluate what the photo is about, and to decide if I will check it out. We all do get a lot of email and have to make choices. Thanks again Bob for your research. Bill S

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