Re: Posting photo links was Photo: Tank Cars At National Zinc Separating Company Plant


I would not normally have the time or inclination to go looking for these.  Nor would it necessarily occur to me to go looking for them, either.

It's true for me also that most of these photos are too old for me, but every once in a while something that interests me pops up.  I don't get emails, but rather see the posts on line, so it's not any hardship for me in terms of having to delete the posts.  So if one or two or three people have the time, and the ideas, and the willingness, to go excavating these, more power to you.  And if nothing else, it amuses me about the lack of knowledge of the people who are assigned to write captions for them, or the lack of perspective on something that happened a hundred years ago, but that comes with the territory.

Ron Merrick
who really only cares about central Kansas

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