Re: Photo: B&O Boxcar In MOW Service

Kenneth Montero


The car number on the "A" end appears to be 277296. I believe that car would be classed as a M-26(D), according to a table in the B&O Modeler No 47, p. 49 (Summer 2018). That issue is still available online.

Ken Montero.

On 07/25/2020 8:55 PM Bob Chaparro via <chiefbobbb@...> wrote:

Photo: B&O Boxcar In MOW Service

A photo from Marty Bernard on Flickr:

This one certainly is a veteran of the rails. The car number is too faint for me to see on my monitor.

Are those patch plates along the bottom of the car?

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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