Re: Intermountain underframes


So it appears that the answer to my direct question is no, nobody had been able to get separate Apex-type roofwalks from IM.  I rate them as more durable than Kadee, only because the Kadee (at least the older ones) suffer from a disease where they curl up at the ends.  I've mixed and matched many roofwalks over the years, with the exception that for wood roofwalks, I've preferred the molded plastic ones rather than real wood.  Using Tru-Color colors Weathered Gray Wood and Seasoned Brown Wood, I've developed a technique for painting and dry-brushing these so they look weathered.

Side comment:  I got a PFE R-40-10 the other day, probably an old stock or used, and it had a wood-appearing roofwalk that was actually metal.  Never saw that before.  Of course, it was detached and bowed in the middle so I'll probably replace it with a plastic one.

I think I have picked up one or two of the Kadee Gypsum expanded metal ones, so at my first opportunity I'll install one of those.  I do have several of the IM molded plastic ones on various cars, not always on the car bodies they came with, and I suspect the Kadee ones will look better.

Ron Merrick

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