Experimentation on modeling inside details of Youngstown doors

Andy Carlson


With my intent years ago to model thin 2-sided Youngstown Steel Doors in HO I gave it a try last week.

This is my first casting with this thin molded YSD. This photo is of the back side of an HO Youngstown pre-war 5/6/5-T door, usually used on 10'6" IH modified '37 AAR box cars. I have been able to keep it close to scale thickness. Yes, the panels are thin; about 0.006".

I will try to cast in Urethane resin, but for this cast I used J. B. Weld original epoxy.  Next door will be an overnight 5/5/5 interim improved Youngstown door used solely for the SP.

I already have a car side which I have scribbed interior sheathing and also the smooth vertical door frame on each side of the door opening. The other side will not need this scribbing but will have the door glued in the open position. With the peek-through view the scribbed side will have the inside detailed door in the closed position, allowing this through-the-car-side interior view. I am hoping further research shows that the GN stenciled the car numbers on the top of the doors.

-Andy Carlson,  Ojai CA
Inline image

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