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Schleigh Mike

Hi Ron!

There are four sub-groups by truck style for ERIE 82000-82499

    82000-82099    Railway Truck Corp "Snug-Up"
    82100-82249    Dual Control
    82250-82399    ASF A-3 Ride Control
    82400-82499    Barber S-2 Stabilized

This is per the RR's 1946 diagram.  I have no direct information after 1960 but the ELHS issued diagram book with a 1965 date has no change to this detail on the same diagram.  By this date 386 cars from this and other groups had been upgraded and renumbered into the 70250-71504 group in a 1963-1964 Meadville Program.

Hope this helps!

Mike Schleigh in Grove City, Penna.

On Monday, July 27, 2020, 05:19:27 PM EDT, mopacfirst <ron.merrick@...> wrote:

What trucks were under these cars, especially in the 60s era?

Photos on line show National B-1, ASF S-3, and Barber or something similar.

Ron Merrick

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